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Women empowerment and Gender equality


Gender equality exactly, what you know?

The basic understanding of what gender means, should be cleared out first. Most of the misconceptions arising out of this issue results into conflicts. With the motive of understanding what gender equality denotes universally, a definition can be put forward.

Gender equality means equal rights enjoyed by women and men. Opportunities and responsibilities, too, are shared. By gender equality, we mean that in no circumstance will a person be given more preference than others. This goes for both men and women. Owing to the rising consciousness among women regarding their rights, there is a constant demand for their recognition. Blame is to be given to our society decades ago, when women fought for identity. The atrocities towards women during that time, definitely, rendered grievances among them.

Gender equality is a concept that includes recognition of diversities among women and men.  It is a human rights principle, and a precondition for development. The world has witnessed women emerging out of a world full of problems and discrimination in the past and present. But how much can we still say that gender equality is a reality? Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide, but how many women know that such a day exists?

Let’s begin with some facts that pertain to our topic of discussion. At present, there are 53% women who happen to be either a bachelor or a master’s degree graduate. This surely caters to the fact that there has been significant progress in the position of women, from what it was years ago. But when it comes to a point of relating it to gender equality, women and men both are not adequately represented in most industries. For instance, women in spite of having engineering degrees are not seen to represent this industry on a large scale. On the other hand, hospital industry witnesses more women than men.

The question of who gets more than whom, constantly haunts the concerned individuals, looking for some insight. Gender equality should also bring us the freedom. By freedom, we mean the right to be ourselves in front of the whole world. Catering to the different issues that criticize the notion of gender equality, we can only hope to get to the brighter side.

The most common mistake we make often is battling for recognition. Over-enthusiasts forget that men and women are not to fight among themselves, but for the rights that still remain vague to both of them. The fight should be for choice, the choice, that lets us do whatever we want to do or be without fearing about stereotypical ideas.

What gender equality should offer?  

Recent trends among women calling them feminists have raised unprecedented questions in men. To men and women alike, feminism is not a concept that favours women while bashing men. It is something that both of the sexes would be able to relate to. It is a fight for what is right.

By gender equality, we like to believe that every individual will have their own say. No one should fear about anything while taking their own decisions. Gender roles should never restrict your function to a limit. A gender equal world would allow individuals to explore opportunities beyond their sexes. And, these decisions should be without any clichés or stereotypes.

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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