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Why Drink Water ?

Importance of drinking water for a healthy living


Do you have the habit of drinking enough water each day?

If not, then it is for sure that your overall health will take a toll. It is really very important to drink the required amount of water regularly. Drinking water will surely help you to think better, lose weight, prevent diseases, and be in a better mood as well as many more. Water is necessity because no one can live a healthy life without water.

70% of the human body consists of water. Our body weight also truly depends on water. Therefore, water controls almost every function of the body so it is really helpful to drink enough water each day. Water in a human body function as a building block, water is a solvent for the chemical reaction. Water also helps to transport materials for waste and necessity nutrients. Proper consumption of water helps to maintain blood volume as well as allow proper blood circulation within the body.

Water is necessity for every human body as it acts as a shock absorber for our brain and joints. Water helps to control body temperature and maintain kidney function and lining of inner organs. The structure of the whole human body depends on spinal cord and water helps to protect the spinal cord. In addition, water act as a bolster and lubricant for your joints.

Water helps to maintain good digestion

Saliva depends on consumption of enough water regularly and digestion totally controlled by saliva. Digestion depends on enzymes, which is found in saliva that aids to dissolve minerals as well as other nutrients and break down liquid and food easily. If you are having a healthy digestive system, then necessary nutrients and minerals will get more access to your body. Soluble fiber also gets digested by the digestive system with the help of water only because only with the aid of water, fiber gets easily dissolved. Hence, water is a kind of necessity for the human body as water is mandatory to digest food properly.

Helpfulness of water to remove body waste

Sufficient water consumption helps a human body to excrete waste through urination, perspiration, and defecation. The Liver, large and small intestine, and kidney use water to flush out waste easily from a human body. To some extent constipation also get cured with the habit of drinking enough water. As water act as soften your stool and also helps to circulate the food that you have intake through the intestinal tract.

Why is it mandatory to water your body?

Drinking sufficient amount of water will help your body to function at its extreme and keep your body healthy as well. Staying hydrated will aid you with-

  • Boost your mind and brainpower: People with good moods surely drink adequate water. Sufficient water consumption also helps to develop cognitive performance. Several researchers prove that people who intake water during working perform much better than those who avoid drinking water during a cognitive task. This result was initiated for both children and adults. So you must keep in mind that water is important and you should drink a plenty of water and never reduce water consumption as it will create a bad effect on your mood, energy, and brainpower.
  • Improving physical performance level: During physical activities, bodies demand a lot of water. Therefore, in order to stay hydrated during, after and before workouts always drink sufficient amount of water. Proper hydration helps to develop endurance, eliminate fatigue, decreases maximum heart rate and many more. Drinking adequate water will also help you to remain active after workouts.
  • Water aids to lose weight: If you are struggling a lot with losing your excess body weight, then make a habit of drinking sufficient water as it will help you to control your body weight. People who drink more water are much healthier than people, who do not have the habit of drinking water. If you are following a diet chart then do rely mostly on water.
  • Prevent diseases: Drinking sufficient water will help you to get rid of a regular headache and migraine. Water functions as a disease prevention system in a human body. Proper hydration will surely help you to stay protected from constipation, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, coronary health diseases, to an extent cancer and asthma.

Amount of water one should intake per day

There are no such hard and fast rules as most people by drinking while they feel thirst only meets their hydration need. The need for water consumption mostly depends on gender, age, and activity level. Therefore, it is estimated that female adult should consume at least 2.5l filtered water per day, whereas, male should intake 3- 3.2l water per day.

Eat sufficient water, feel better to live longer.

We all must increase our daily water intake habit with the increase of the level of activity. It is also necessary to drink filtered water as unfiltered water may lead to several diseases and may not satisfy the purpose of drinking water for a human body. Proper hydration is necessary for every aged people. You must also keep a track of your daily drinking as this helpful measure will help you remain healthy and diseases free. Also, try to set your daily goals for adequate drinking of filtered water.

By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @Travarsa)

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