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WhatsApp Group Calling

WhatsApp Group Calling

You must be wondering that now what is this WhatsApp group calling?

Then, first of all, I must make you all clear that it is another new feature of Whatsapp, just like voice or video calling features. The specialty of this unique feature is that it allows users to make call at a time up to 4 users in a group. This is really an extraordinary and required feature, which WhatsApp took initiative to introduce for users. In order to attract more users, WhatsApp is introducing this exclusive feature in their existing application. You must already be quite aware of the fact that WhatsApp is a freeware, VoIP (Voice over IP), and cross-platform messaging service, which is owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp is accessed by over a billion numbers of users globally. Therefore, considering the fact that WhatsApp users from all over the world are almost spending 2 billion minutes daily on the individual audio and video calling, so with the introduction of WhatsApp group calling option it is expected to attract more users globally. However, every Operating system is not permitted to use WhatsApp but many Operating systems like Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Symbian, Mac and BlackBerry OS users are fortunate to use Whatsapp in their devices.

WhatsApp user’s to date only has the option for individual voice or video calling. But it was announced that soon Facebook is going to update its application with an introduction of WhatsApp group calling. Interestingly, the announcement of WhatsApp group calling facility was made at 2018 Facebook F8 conference in San Jose, California.

WhatsApp has recently made an up-gradation in their application by allowing users to switch voice call to video call and video call to voice call. Some recent WhatsApp features also includes- Gifs, audios, recordings, audios, delete for everyone or delete for me and re-download of deleted images or media as well. And all this were happily accepted and appreciated by the existing application users. Even people are more satisfied with the recently added features of this application. However, these features till not were only spotted on android Beta updates as all users are not allowed to easily access these updated features.

You all must quite aware of the fact that at present WhatsApp is ruling the global instant messenger market and has also become a brand. Other messenger apps like- Hike, Telegram, LINE, Viber, and TANGO are quite slow and less featured than Whatsapp. Another important fact is that other applications are not accessible for most of the Operating system, which is potentially offered by WhatsApp.  Hence, compared to other messaging and voice and video calling applications, WhatsApp has a wide number of users globally. Now, Whatsapp also offers users accessing iOS and Android Operating system can use a location sticker sending options as well. WhatsApp video or voice calling option is totally free but the only thing a user needs to have is a better internet connection in their device.

WhatsApp with its previously updated features has already become much popular in the world and is also one of the biggest messaging apps, as we all are quite aware of this fact and agree too. This smart application has also globally secured over a billion active users at present. In India, WhatsApp is already having over 200 million daily active users. And users are quite happy and satisfied using the voice calling and video calling features in WhatsApp. Hence, with the introduced of the newly WhatsApp group calling feature, WhatsApp might be expected or will surely attract more active users globally.

By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @Travarsa)

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