Beginners guide twitter ads 1

Twitter Advertising – Beginner’s Guide

Beginners guide twitter ads

Twitter was founded way back in 2006, a San Francisco, California, United States based company is now leading online news and social networking service provider, where users post and interact with messages.

Nowadays Social Media plays a very important role when it comes to online exposure and spreading your business over the internet, where you no more target specific location but the entire world. The social network has accumulated an audience of over 500 million monthly active users, providing a huge opportunity for marketers. Twitter’s brand-friendly environment is a great place to reach potential new clients and customers

Our experts at Travarsa not only help you select correct requirement for your business or profile exposure but we also help you kick start with Social Media Profile to Social Media Marketing. Our Social Media Experts will help you right from the scratch, setting up profile page to all tips and tricks, to gain followers and explode your business and visibility online. We help you create your online identity.

This guide will help you understand basics and cover everything you need to know to get started with Twitter advertising and help you select the correct parameters. And if you need any professional help, don’t forget Travarsa experts are always there for you, you may contact us to get best deal to setup you Social Media Advertisement Campaign, Click here to get InTouch and get Travarsa professional help. |

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Why Twitter Advertisement?

  • Reach potential customers
  • Gain more followers
  • Measure results in real time
  • Choose your target audience
  • Amplify your message and get discovered
  • Set a budget and pay for what works

How to start with Twitter and Twitter Advertisement.

1. Create a new Twitter’s Profile for Your Business:

To start with Twitter, you will need to sign up for a twitter account which can be your individual or a business account. You can start with your personal account but that’s only when you want to advertise yourself or create your online identity, but if you want to promote or advertise your business, your username should represent your business name. Now important thing is the username, rest all feature remains the same.

Next thing is your profile picture, now if this is your personal profile you can put your personal pictures but if this is going to be your business profile then you should select your company logo which can further help you to get verified users badge. Similarly, you should select Header image as per your business field or personal area of interest.

The next thing is to write down bio description which accepts 160-character and which can be your or your company profile information.

2. Setting up a new Twitter’s Advertisement Account.

After successful profile setup you can login to the Twitter Ads login page and sign in with your twitter’s login details. Twitter will take your basic information like your country of residence, time zone and other location information for tax purposes. Please note that these settings cannot be changed again, hence select and enter correct information.

Twitter Create Campaign

The next step is to create your first campaign and starting with selecting a campaign objective.

3. Choosing a correct Twitter’s Campaign Type

Twitter Ads has different objective based campaigns to help you target correct business requirements and add value to your business.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads Types of Campaign
Promote your Tweets to maximize your reach and raise awareness of your brand's message.

What you pay for
Pay for the number of impressions (CPM).

When to use it
You want as many people as possible to see your Tweet.
If you’re looking to boost your follower count, this is the best campaign type for you. Your followers amplify your message, on and off Twitter. Promote your account to build an engaged audience.

What you pay for
Pay only for the followers you gain. You aren't billed for other types of engagements.

When to use it
You want to build an engaged audience to amplify your message, on and off Twitter.
Promoted video viewsPromoted video views
Promote your videos to reach a targeted, engaged audience. Your videos will auto-play on scroll, encouraging people to tap or click.

What you pay for
Pay for the number of promoted video views.

When to use it
You want more people to see your GIFs, Vines, or videos.
Website clicksWebsite clicks or conversions
Promote your Tweets to people who will visit and take actions on your website. This will help you with immediate traffic and goal conversions. Twitter algorithms will display these ads to users who are most likely to click your post, purchase your product or complete a different goal on your website. These ads appear in a target’s Twitter feed and Twitter search results pages. Track your results across mobile and web.

What you pay for
Pay for the number of website link clicks.

When to use it
You want people to visit and take an action on your website (e.g. download a paper or make a purchase).
Tweet engagementsTweet engagements
Research shows that increased engagement leads to brand lift and offline sales.This will help you keep your community engaged with your content and target correct and new audience. Twitter will display your ads to the users who are most likely to reply or Retweet your content. This will help engaged your current followers engaged and also boosting your reach to their follower bases.

What you pay for
Pay only for the initial engagement. You’re not billed for organic engagements that follow.

When to use it
You want to maximize engagement of your Tweets and get more people talking about your business.
Twitter appLeads on Twitter
Leads on Twitter campaigns are for collecting business leads on the network. These campaigns are great for collecting qualified leads, since not having to fill out a form greatly reduces the barrier to convert.
Twitter Mobile AdsApp Installs or Engagements
Select App Installs or Engagements when you want to get your target audience to download your application. App install ads only show up in mobile feeds, which helps ensure that users are ready to download your application when they click on your ad.


4. Create a new Twitter’s Advertisement.

After selecting your objective next step is to choose the best type of content to complete your Twitter ads goal. The main content types are Tweets and Twitter Cards.

This will allow you with 140-character message type and a image and link to your Tweets.

Twitter Cards delivers rich experiences for your audience. You can create Twitter Cards inside new campaign settings.

5. Targeting Perfect Audience

Twitter audiences

Now let us learn how to target perfect audience. Twitter has different targeting capabilities that make it easy to promote your business to correct audience. With Twitter Ads you can target your audience based on :

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Devices, platforms and carriers
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Follower Targeting
  • Interest Targeting
  • Tailored Audiences
  • TV Targeting
  • Behavior Targeting
  • Tailored Audience Exclusions
  • Behavior Exclusions

6. Configuring Advertisement Budget

Twitter budget
We are one step away from launching our new Campaign. Now we need to choose a budget and bidding type.

  • Automatic Bidding
    With Automatic Bidding option Twitter will optimizes for the best results at the lowest price and automatically bid for your ad impressions.
  • Maximum Bidding
    Maximum Bidding will help you maintain control of your bids you can choose maximum bidding.

Now you should be able to achieve your targeted audience and get desire traffic for your business. Our Social Media Experts can help you with Social Media Marketing on Leading Social Media Channels like Twitter, Google + , Facebook and many more. Click here to get InTouch and get Travarsa professional help. |

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