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Social Media, How does it impact

Social media, Impact on society

Nobody is unfamiliar with the terms, social media. The impact and reach of social media has taken over everything. Our lives, in short, are surrounded by social media. Facebook, which is one of the most used apps alone, has over 1.65 billion monthly active users. That says a lot about the acceptance of social media in the lives of people.

About every individual in a city has made social media a part of their daily routine. Though, the whole concept seems to be relatively new, imagining life without it, is difficult. The need for communicating was there, even decades ago. But with the coming of Internet, people find sharing and communicating to be an instant affair.

Evolution of Social Media:

Social Media started with a website called, Six Degrees. The concept was pretty similar to what Facebook does now. It allowed one to create profile and make provisions to make friends. Six Degrees definitely played a decisive role in creating an era of instant messaging and blogging.

By 2000, Internet was everywhere one could see. People started connecting with each like never before! Though chat rooms were still opted for dating, making friends or discussing topics, the effectiveness of social media was yet to come.

It was about 2003, when MySpace formed a popular site to enable users to make friends through profile building. Now, it is widely used by musicians in order to promote their music, so that their creation can reach out to producers. Want to know one such artist coming out this way? It’s Colbie Caillat.

Mark Zuckerberg, in 2004, launched, which was yet to become social media giant. With time, Facebook has become world’s number one social media platform. But by 2010, there were about dozens of websites that followed the same path, offering the likes of Facebook. Tumblr, Google Buzz, Blippy, Loopt and Groupon emerged as popular social media platforms.

Major Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms, now, are varied. One might witness almost the same thing happening all across them, but with a twist. Every social media platform has to have a unique approach.

Facebook- Number of people not active on Facebook, are quite less. Facebook connects you to a world of contacts. Getting in touch with old friends from school or making new ones, is simple on this platform. Sharing pictures and thoughts, on a daily basis contributes to an active profile.

Instagram- For those who only like to speak through pictures, Instagram is perfect. Share as many photos you want in a day, describe them, add a few hash tags and get your likes. You can even follow real profiles of celebrities on this platform.

Twitter- Twitter allows a user to share only a limited number of words. Sharing your views is quite simple on Twitter. Make sure to follow as many influencers as you can. Stay updated on country and world news, as well.

Google+- Google+ has made its own place as a social media platform. It is a must-use tool for being a high SEO website. Any small business should give this platform a try. Launched in just 2011, it has been successful in joining big leagues while registering 418 million active users after four years.

Impact of Social Media on society and users

Social Media has quite an impact that shapes the culture, behaviour as well as business of a country. Population of a country, also closely identify with the social media affairs. Moreover, youth are seen to be more interested in using such platforms on a wide scale. But how much of an effect is it creating among users?

Just like the positive sides, social media has contributed to a number of negative impacts as well. To begin with, when we say that social media connects people with one another, across geographies. On the other hand, it is disconnecting people from the real world. In a way, users are always in the virtual world. What usually is seen on social media profiles may not be the case in reality. One might feel down by seeing how happening others’ life is, but that is deceiving.

Online harassment is also another downside to social media. It has brought wrath and depression to the lives of many. Also, if you think closely, how productive are we on social media? Yes, some content definitely, make us think over our productivity, but anyway, you are wasting your time by being online at a time when you could have done something else.

Well, there are pros and cons to everything. Social Media platforms should be used effectively and smartly.   

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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