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Perfect dance workouts !

Have fun with the perfect dance workout!

As per the American Council on Exercise, almost one-third of Americans don’t even get the required exercise. We can relate this fact to why obesity is a common problem among them. The scene is not very different in our country as well. We might have several excuses for not having to exercise even once a week. Problems like lack of time, hot temperature outdoors, unable to maintain a coordinated workout routine, are still understandable. Even then, you think of the excessive fat your body seem to have stored. How about dancing away the fat?

Dance is a fun activity, that involves a lot of energy. Dancing is incomplete without a rhythmic music that fit in completely with the workout. Dance, in any form and style pose to be a great exercise. If you want to have fun while losing weight, then this is what you should turn to! Joining a dance class would help you to mix in with the culture that is required. Make friends in the class and enjoy the time you spend there. This way losing weight wouldn’t seem like something impossible. Any age group can participate in the dance exercise, without worrying about any other factors.

Surely, it depends upon what results are you exactly looking for. You can create a dance routine that suits your lifestyle. It isn’t necessary that you must do it in a group always. If you don’t like the idea of going out and dance, then do it yourself, at home! There’s a lot of fun in that too. Only of course, you have learned the basic skills.

General fitness or weight losing exercises can be difficult to maintain for all. In the long-run, one might even lose the motivation to carry on with the weight losing activity. For them, the dance form of workout may turn out to be a great method! Here are some of the most popular dance exercises—

  • Ballet

Ballet was once a dance form for only little girls. Think of perfect buns and performing plies. But, this has undergone a huge change in the recent years. Ballet is the new cool now! A fusion form is often associated with ballet, to make it a perfect workout routine. Ballet is known to use those muscles in our bodies, which we never thought we had! That is why, you’d experience sore muscles after every class. Why call ballet a dance exercise? Well, it is because you get to develop improved strength and flexibility. Once you hone the skills of ballet, you’ll be able to develop better posture and toned body parts. However, it is always advisable to learn ballet from an expert, than trying it out at home all by yourself.

  • Zumba

Zumba has been there for long. For someone who wants to have a blast while dancing it out, opt for this dance form! Like some other dances, this one is equally good to look at and contribute to improved body muscles. The focus of Zumba is to target one muscle at a time, so that it can get toned better. Just push yourself to learn the steps fast and have fun while losing as much fat as you can! It is recommended to join a Zumba class, so that you can have fun with a group. Doing it yourself at home, may also be a fun activity.

  • Salsa

Salsa is one such dance form, that is great to look at! It is a classy, elegant and versatile dance style. Any age group can participate in learning this form. Just thirty minutes of Salsa session every day would contribute to a reduced arm and thigh. So, it is ideal for someone who wants spot fat reduction results. One can visibly see the difference in their bodies, after a week of indulging in salsa. Considered to be romantic at the same time, it can act as a real icebreaker for your first few dates. Salsa is also a great way to relax if you want a break from your usual routine!

  • Belly dance

One might have the image of middle-aged women dancing to some Arabic tunes, while swaying their hips. Belly dancing have had some great modifications in the last few years. Young women take up this dance form to become experts in this. It is a fun and flirtatious dance form. By indulging yourself to this dance, you’d be able to sculpt your core muscles, thereby standing out as the best ab workout routine under dance forms. If you are interested in getting a perfectly toned abdomen area, stick to learning the right belly moves. Belly dancing helps release endorphins that lift mood. So, expect to be happy while you dance to the perfect dance movements. Out of many positive effects of belly dancing, treating chronic and shoulder pain are most beneficial. Gentle movements allow any age group to learn the dance skills.

As you can see that these are some of the most popular dance forms. Opting for anyone of them, might benefit you in multiple ways. It depends upon your requirements, style and time. Pick a dance form that suits all the criteria. Ultimately, what matters is, how much fun you have while hitting weight loss goals!


By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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