Ferrari SP38 s

One-off Ferrari SP38, A Super Sports Car

One-off Ferrari SP38, A Super Sports Car

Ferrari One Off SP38

Ferrari recently uncovered its latest one-off creation, which is called the SP38. It is basically a track-going and road-going super sports car developed for Ferrari’s one of the most dedicated customer, who is having great ambition for racing. Ferrari SP38 is developed on the 488 GTB, which will be delivered at Villa d’Este to its luckiest customer on May 26. The body of this super sports car is departure dramatically from the 488 and is bespoken totally as well. Exterior of Ferrari SP38 is designed radically, which renders it to appear more like a concept-based car than a road-going car.

Considering it’s up front, Ferrari SP38 is featured with horizontal, and a set of small headlights, which accolade an aggressive front fascia with carbon fiber and painted components. Elsewhere, this super sports car includes a sharp roofline, dramatic skirts, as well as small side windows. Wheels of Ferrari SP38 are designed in a star shape with silver finished top to enrich the aggressive look of this sports car. Interestingly, engine cover or traditional rear window of SP38 has been replaced with body-colored louvers set. In the blacked-out grille of this super sports car, the taillights were hidden and a pair of exhausts exit was also fitted at the center of the fascia.

Mechanical changes were not implemented much in the features of the Ferrari SP38. As One-off Ferrari SP38 is powered with the same V8, 3.9-liter twin-turbo engine as the 488 GTB has the potential to deliver 661 hp and 560 pound-feet torque. However, the engine function of this supercar is upgraded to Pista-spec as well as producing the unaltered 710 hp, focusing on the track 488 as well. With its powerful engine, this super featured car has the ability to accelerate 0-100km/h in just 3.0 seconds and deliver a topmost speed of 330 kph as well.

The color of Ferrari SP38 is a one-off shade, which was specially built for this super sports car and the color is three-layer metallic red. This metallic red in color is rear seen in a sports car but this car is only developed for special customers and it must have a unique appeal. Most body parts of this super sports car have been made with carbon fiber and the updated body completely delivers an extraordinary look as well as compared to the 488, it sits in terms of stance. The rear end of Ferrari SP38 has much similarity in design with Ferrari cars from the 70s and 80s, which is again a unique feature. The front end of this super featured car was also completely redesigned.

Ferrari SP38 is featured with special one-off headlamps along with running lights of LED daytime that was crafted with a large lip spoiler. SP38 is not equipped with a custom-made interior, which will surely use special materials and especially carbon fiber will be utilized. However, we are not yet been disclosed that how much the owner is actually going to pay off for this unique designed super sports car but can assume that the price of this supercar could easily cross 3 million Euros.

This week One-off Ferrari SP38 will be set for its global premiere in Italy. Therefore, Ferrari enthusiasts must stay tuned in expectation to know more detailed about the features of this upcoming super sports car.

By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @Travarsa)

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