Latest Mid-Range Sedan Cars in India

Latest Mid-Range Sedan Cars in India

  Sedans or saloons are basically passenger cars, having a three-box configuration. It has A, B and C pillars that would provide separate compartments for cargo, passenger and engine. There are quite a huge variety of sedan cars in India. For the ones who are interested in knowing the various options available here, check out our list, so that you can make a better informed decision.

  • Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna Next-Gen helps bring out the company’s ‘Fluidic’ design concept. The car has an appealing look, when it is viewed from any angle. A young family, who is looking to buy a sedan, must give this car a look. This might be the ultimate car for your preferences. The rear of the car strikes out from the other models of the same brand. To its credit, is the award ‘Indian Car of The Year 2018’, which makes this car even more wanted. Containing two petrol engines and one engine for diesel, this car provides with multiple options that are sure to grab the attention when on the road. Price range is from 7.80 to 12.95 lakhs.

  • Toyota Yaris

The car is one of the most expected cars from the Japanese automaker in India. Priced between 9 lakh and 13 lakh, the car has set a lot of expectations among the buyers. As per the design, the company has set the trends of global models. After the launch, it is anticipated that the car would give stiff competition to Hyundai Verna, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Skoda Rapid and Honda City. Sharp styling in terms of headlamps is on point! Toyota Yaris would have a 1.5-litre VVT-I engine.

  • Honda City

Honda City has always been the go-to sedan for every average Indian. The first model of the brand came into being in the year 1998. There have been altogether eight facelifts and four generations of changes in the car. Honda City could manage to be there in the market for two decades, which is quite impressive to talk about. With every model, the car tries to offer even more comfort. The car never fails to put up any premium feature. Price range of this car is in between 8.72 to 13.82 lakhs.

  • Skoda Rapid

Prices range between 8.36 and 13.93 lakhs, the car wouldn’t fail to impress. Skoda was struggling to keep in tune with its sales in the recent past. By coming up with newer models, the car has come a long way. The brand has almost confronted with a huge loss. In order to avoid any such further situation, Skoda decided on a new model in their line. One would find similarity of this car with Volkswagen Vento, as there is almost same bodywork. Skoda Rapid still wins more marks for having excellent German engineering. So many good features, at such an affordable price range, are hard to find elsewhere.

  • Hyundai Xcent

Hyundai joined the sedan line-up with their Xcent. This car is a perfect combination of affordability and performance. In a competitive market, which is mainly dominated by Swift Dzire for being affordable and decent in performance, it was a tough call for Hyundai. But they did a successful job by combining diesel and petrol engine. So, we can say that it is a great choice for someone who’s buying a sedan for the first time!

Along with the above list, there are many such options out there in the market. Before buying, one should note every factor and requirement in the car they are looking.

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