Journalism: A Social Responsibility, Business or TRP?

Journalism:  A Social Responsibility, Business or TRP?


Ever since the inception of media, journalism has been quite impressive and outreaching. For journalists, taking on the social responsibility is what they are always striving for. It would be hard to miss out the crucial role of journalism in shaping the course of democracy. But often, we see, journalism falls prey to the clumsy news business. However, nothing has restricted success in journalism.

Role of media and the impact it has on the society, at large, is huge. Representatives of media must definitely, accept the responsibility of everything they put up in front of the public. The interpersonal role that exists between the media and representatives is hard to ignore. Media plays a vital role in spreading good ideas among the people of a nation. Along with cultural and spiritual awareness, it also is seen to focus on political and economic aspects of a country, largely.

Media, in past and present, has been responsible for initiating agitation among citizens. Their role in showcasing a matter should be intended towards some reconciliation. A public mindset, showing the truth and respecting the victims, are what is expected out of good journalism. Media previously had represented atrocities against various ethnic groups, as well as created a platform for public sympathy. In this regard, they should be really careful about highlighting every ethnic group, and not one. If this is not the case, media would be spreading hate among ethnic groups.

What is expected out of media is a neutral role. Supposedly, after a crime has been done, showing the own people, who has done the crime, as guilty, is what is right. Not ignoring the suffering of other people, who probably don’t belong to that community, makes journalism worthy of praise. Considering education as the most important aspect of human development, we must not forget about the role of media in shaping views of every generation.

Every single youth today, is opinionated. There is hardly anything that goes beyond their radar. Strong journalism, definitely changes the way individuals think about their country. Generations, may be, falsely taught about history through books or verbally, by their parents. Media, here comes to play a responsible role in reporting about what is going on around the world, in true sense.

The influence of media has grown over the past decades on a tremendous level. Newspapers, television, magazines, journals, Internet and mobile devices, have all together contributed to awareness among citizens. Journalism wouldn’t have been possible without these mediums. But, with that thought, one has to remember that there is both positive as well as negative impact of journalism.

Before we jump to comment on anything that surrounds journalism, we need to identify the three basic functions it has. Providing news or information forms the first function, educating the mass about what’s happening around the world and of course, entertainment.

News is imperative because that is how we get to know the political and economic situation of our country. Media can be considered as a medium of education as well. Think about the essential information we get to know from it. People need to be informed. They require information to socialize better, making decisions as well as formulate their own opinions, as and when required.  Getting to know about another country during its election forms an important portion of education through media. How else could that have been possible? On the other hand, media for the sake of entertainment has emerged to be must-have elements in our society today. Sway away a little from the strict and hectic schedule of our lives, with some good entertaining content.

Now, we come to the point, when we point out the exact role of Journalism. Could it be considered as something that owns the responsibility of our society? Or, is it just all about the business?

We begin with a question. What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you watch a debate on a news channel? If you look closely enough, you’d either see that a group of people is either bashing a political party and another group, taking sides of the other political party. So, it is mostly, about the colours of politics. Debate, as we know, is about talking for and against a particular issue. When it comes to debating on a news channel, we are looking for some answer, probably a solution.

Most of the times, it is about piling on the problem, rather than finding a solution. So, here the question remains, how much is journalism helping, anyway? We see a war or a crime being portrayed in a completely different way. Pictures of conflicts are showcased by the media to shake the opinion of the public. It would be shocking to know that those pictures belong to a previously occurred incidence. Can you ignore here saying that journalism is taking a social responsibility?

Views on news channel are driven by political pressures that condone them to speak in a guided path. Citizens are misled by a community, may be for business, TRP or publicity. It has become practically impossible to make a judgement on something.

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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