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Internet security 2018 : Best practices


Internet security generally refers to various steps, which individuals or companies initiate to protect their computer networks that are connected with the Internet. The main object of Internet security is to develop rules as well as measures to utilize it against Internet attacks. The Internet is a kind of insecure channel that is used for exchanging important and confidential information to high risk of fraud, such as Trojans, phishing, worms, online viruses and more. Unless a computer or laptop is rendered with internet security it is not preferable to make online transactions.

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Needs for Internet security:

Integrity security and vigilance are really of great importance to keep every confidential data protected. If there is no online defense, then it is not recommended to access any confidential sites of making an online transaction as it has the changes of getting easily public by means of threat, fraud and property damage. Therefore, the importance to protect once laptop or desktop with internet security are as follows-

Confidential and Privacy

Without proper security measures in private, place or confidential messages or information can be easily viewed, stolen and intercepted by others. However, to an extent, it relies upon the intrusion, which ranges from the innocuous to other fraud or identity theft. Not only private but Government also has confidential information that is also at risks as they are valuable. Hence, it is important for all firms dealing with confidential documents needs to be protected with proper internet security.

Data Theft

Data theft is another major issue this day as personal and sensitive data like documents, photos and documents are often digitally stolen. And then this confidential informational gets distributed or re-sold for certain illegal purpose. From data theft companies are mostly losing vital testing data, trade secrets, product blueprints, confidential financial files, and more. Governments are also having a risk of getting their significant information getting stolen. Therefore, it is mandatory for every organization to make arrangements for internet securities.

Identify Theft

Identify theft is another recent issue as most of the people has a tendency to buy, sell or exchange confidential information online. Online transitions without proper protection will surely lead to fraud. Like getting hold of personal information, credit card information, and social security numbers as well. Collecting this confidential information, frauds make fraudulent purchases, apply for benefits from governments and even take loans. So it is better not to deal any confidential work on the internet if you are not having adequate internet security.

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Maintaining computer security is necessary as it helps to protect computers or laptops from getting damaged. Every hacker does not have the tendency to theft but some hackers have the tendency to cause damage or disruption to your device. Many computer users must be facing trouble with malicious, Trojan and viruses, which can sometimes lead to data theft. If the attacks are targeted to large corporate system or governments, it can disrupt services and communications. That can automatically lead to a number of secondary issues.

Ways to protect confidential data:

Taking few necessary steps, one can easily keep their computer online protected. To protect your computer or laptop you must purchase or download an adequate anti-virus or Internet security program. That will help the device to deal with Trojans, several viral threats. It is also necessary to include anti-malware and anti-spyware program for your device using the internet. This sufficient protection will protect your computer from tracking spyware, apps as well as unsavory software. Firewall is also a helpful tool for protecting unwanted traffic. It is also recommended not to share personal information and sell or buy online, which you are not that much aware of. Therefore, to keep web protected you should make some necessary set-up, which includes- firewalls, anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-virus software. That will help to easily block unwanted traffic and also control internet traffic for hazardous attachments.

    Adequate internet security helps to secure financial details, network hardware, and agency or business servers. At present, Internet security has become a kind of top priority, which once should mandatory use in order to remain risk-free from unknown threats and thefts. Internet security is essential to maintain for both businesses as well as governments. Inadequate internet security automatically leads to threats and disruption to many confidential documents or important data.

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By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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