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Importance of Directory Submission 2019 Edition

Digital Marketing has provided better Return of Investments (ROI) when compared to the traditional media and marketing channels.

Importance of submitting your business to business directories in 2019

Do you want to know the importance of submitting your business to business directories in 2019 or Are you the one mistakenly refer online directories as mass databases, in which your list will simply be lost in the shuffle. However, the truth is that business directories in 2019 have significant benefits to businesses who wants to showcase their services with majority of readers.

We at Traversa are providing the best online SEO consulting service and consider directory submission. So let’s have a look of Importance of submitting your business to business directories in 2019.

Importance of submitting your business to business directories in 2019:


  • Increase your SEO:
    Website positioning (SEO) is a practice of making web content available in such a way that search engines will prefer it and place it higher in results for relevant searches. The search engine wants to be trusted by its users, so the more information about your site can get, and the more consistent this information is, the better the position will be. Online business listings are a great way to support and supplement existing information for additional validation.
  • Increase your online presence:
    If you’re looking for a company name on the Internet, you’ll probably see your company in Directory for which you never sent an entry. This is because many business directories get today from other larger directories and create lists automatically.
  • Improve local visibility:
    Although they are huge, online business directories have advanced filtering and suggesting functions and are used to connect you to the target audience. As a local company, directory’s are beneficial because they make your business visible to the local community.
  • Get more discovered:
    A typical online business directory allows users to search by specific criteria such as service, location, and category. By simply providing full and accurate information in the entry, the directory will connect the company with people who are looking for it, even if they do not directly search for the company name. This is very beneficial because often people do not know the specific name of the company or service they need.
  • Increase brand awareness
    When a user searches in the online company directory, he displays a list of relevant results, each with a short shutter, so you can decide which one to click to learn more. This means that even if the user does not click your entry, he will still see your business. Every meeting that a given person has with their business increases their awareness and brand awareness, which warms them up for further engagement.

Online business directories have tremendous influences, and their neglect can hurt your business. Online business directories have been running for a long time, have a lot of traffic and are mostly trusted by search engines. Because search engines like Google prefer these features, its first page of search results regularly includes pages from web directories. If you find yourself in an online business directory, you have the chance to take advantage of a well-established SEO position and appear on the first page of Google.