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HTC Vive Focus VR review and features


Being a part of the simultaneous incorporation of HTC (A Taiwanese consumer electronics company) and Valve Corporation (An American video game developing and digital distribution company) Vive Focus is introduced as a robust virtual reality headset with the allowance of moving 3D space and motion tracking handheld controller technology for the interaction with environment. This headset uses the particular tracking technology named by ‘room scale’.

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In Chaina, at the Vive Ecosystem Conference 2018 most recently, HTC declared about their Vive Focus impartial headset that will be gifted with wirelessly streaming of PC VR content from Steam and Viveport   bothly in excess of a 5GHz WiFi connection. Till the date Vive Focus is entirely available in Chaina and is a most desired suggested product for international launch.

Like the  most recently commenced Lenovo Mirage Solo, the HTC Vive Focus is a robust technology boomed 6DOF standalone VR headset, which  has the whole lot of stuff on board for VR—together with inside-out positional tracking—which means independency of host as a smartphone or  computer. However the company at present sells two versions of Vive Focus in China, the Electric Blue variant and the Almond White variant.

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Let’s see the reason of estimation Vive Focus Vr as a premium class headset with the paramount in-class display and optics.

The latest streaming functionality of Vive Focus is an supremely optimized version of the Riftcat VRidge software, an Android application that afford  VR streaming functionality  related to PC and the smartphone shell headsets. The optimized App version distinctively takes plus of the headset’s higher resolution and refreshing rate. As per as company’s advises  a fair type 5GHz home wifi connection is compulsory for its seamless performance, which is quite regular among new wireless routers.

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Being a part of an outstanding specification HTC presents its dual 1,600 × 1,440 OLED display panels for each lens by punching Mirage Solo’s LCD display (1,280 × 1,440 per lens), and a high-flying corporal IPD adjustment which provide the availability for users to clockface the position of the lenses for equivalent width between their eyes—both these noteworthy features strikes the Mirage Solo’s key specs.

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Gifting two displays instead of a solo split down in the middle, it proficiently put forward the IPD adjustment, as a upshot the lens-display pair can be surfaced into the fitting spot more accurately for a ample range of users.

Vive Focus is incorporated with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile chipset as on PC with Vive Focus these displays requisite severe horsepower for booming in high resolution and Vive Focus is unveiled with a additional fan to keenly cool the Snapdragon 835 chip under the strain.

HTC’s Vive Focus reveals the lid with a configurations of dual front-facing camera sensors for an infinite trail volume, and a single 3DOF controller though the vividness is not justified about how well PC VR games will be played with the Focus’ 3DOF controller.  Compatibility of front camera sensors with the PC VR streaming functionality is not confirmed till now.

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Contrasting Mirage Solo, which is exercised with Google’s Daydream platform for resourcing the contents, Vive Focus sources the content from its owned Viveport mobile app store.

Initially, HTC has not broadcasted the official price of Vive Focus so tech gurus are walking on the way of waiting.

– By Haimantee Ghosh (Technical Writer @ Travarsa)

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