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Practices to stay healthy at work

If you are spending most of your hours, almost every day in office, then you should develop some healthy habits there to remain fit and fine. It might sound you impossible to practice healthy habits at workplace regular but it is actually necessary for your healthy living. Before thinking about other important things, you must ensure that your health is performing right. Unless you are fit you won’t be able to work properly or deliver quality work. Therefore, if your schedule is quite hectic then also you must try ways to keep your healthy wealth. Doctors can only prescribe you medicines or guide you ways to stay healthy but it completely depends on you that how will you try to maintain your health.

Why staying healthy is important?

Leading a healthy lifestyle differs from person to person. For many, they define healthy living by living a life with completely disease free. For others, healthy living means always to stay active and ready for work. For some, spending quality time by playing with grandchildren is a way of living healthy. Therefore, depending on your age, sometimes gender and how you measure your life, definition of healthy living varies. Though the definition may vary but healthy living is a kind of fundamental component, which you need to maintain to achieve physical and mental well-being. If you want to remain physically fit, with other factors you must try to stay mental fine because both physical and mental health relies on one another.

Easy ways that will help you to remain healthier at your workplace

  • Do not skip your meal: Eating proper breakfast regularly is a key element for a healthy living. People going to early morning office, generally have a tendency to skip their breakfast or a meal but it is important to note down that a wholesome breakfast has the ability to render you with more energy. Taking healthy breakfast will also prevent you to consume less junk or oily foods.
  • Eliminate candies, sugary snacks, and sugary drinks: Candies and foods or drinks enriched with sugars are tasty but unhealthy to maintain a good health. Generally, employees have a tendency to consume sugar enriched food to save their time to complete their work. But this is not an acceptable way to remain healthy. In order to deliver quality work, it is mandatory that you focus on your health and try to avoid unhealthy foods and sugar enriched drinks as well.
  • Drink adequate filtered water: Drinking sufficient water helps to maintain a healthy body. Water also helps to maintain a disease free hydrated body and a good mood always. Therefore, it is mandatory that at your workplace you should make a habit of drinking a lot of filtered water. Water will surely boost your energy level and will help you to deliver quality work always. Dehydration leads to sleepiness, drinking a lot of water eliminates dehydration as well.
  • Carry your own lunch box: If you make a habit of regularly carrying your meal from your home, which is prepared in less oil and with low spices then your lunch won’t cause any harm to your health. It is important for everyone to eliminate the habit of eating out that causes harm to your health.
  • Move, stand and stretch as much as possible: If you are having a busy schedule at your office since it is necessary that once after every one of two hours you must move from place to place. And if that not possible then at least stands up at your own place and stretch yourself for a while in order to remain fit. Seating for long nine to ten hours in the same place constantly will definitely hamper your health and lead to excessive weight gain. Therefore, to avoid all this you must stand for a while and stretch yourself to maintain a good health.
  • Follow smart computer habits: Always staring at your computer is really of great difficulty as it causes neck, eyes, head and back pain. Therefore, to eliminate unnecessary pain try to take short breaks. If you are all time working in computer or laptop, you must turn down the brightness on your machine, which will be helpful for our eyes.
  • Take the stairs: If you are always busy and do not have time for workouts then you must take the stairs of your office as must as possible. As it will help you to increase your heart rate easily and help you to remain fit.
  • Get a stress relief toy: Instead of releasing your stresses at your co-worker try to release it on something else. So to release your stress in a healthy way get a good stress relies on releasing your work stress.
  • Give your hands some break: Always typing and working with your hand is really unhealthy so try to give them few minutes break by stretching your hands and fingers. For managing extra work, do not behave like a machine but take care of your health always.
  • Try to carry a hand sanitizer always with you and before taking any food sanitize your hand with a drop. This healthy habit a workplace will help you to stay healthy. Also consume healthy nuts rather, which is much healthier for your health and will help you to remain active throughout your working day.

Above all things, everything can be moderately maintained. Healthy habits are always about maintaining a balance between pleasure and work, sitting and standing, vegetables and cookies. To remain healthy throughout your working days you are not asked to stop every fun in your life but always be mindful that what exactly you are opting one thing over the another. You must also concentrate that what are you opting is the better option or not.

By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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