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How to measure Success or a Failure?

How to measure Success or a Failure?

Success or FailureIn determining success or failure, people are the most significant factor. Financial and technical factors both are equally important to measure success or failure. It is easy to measure success but concluding failure is a bit difficult task. However, it depends on person to person that how he or she calculate success or failure of someone else. The word ‘success’ etymologically means the accomplishment of an aim, whereas, ‘failure’ means unachieved success. Hence, both the words ‘success’ and ‘failure’ are opposite in meaning to each other. If a person is successful he or she is always regarded well in the society. Whereas, a failure also has a chance to learn from his or her mistakes and achieve success in life.

Success or FailureHowever, it is quite difficult to declare a person successful or failure without measuring some of the important factors. Without some proper evidence, we are not eligible to claim anyone a successful person or a failure. Therefore, in order to judge his or her potential, we have to evaluate that person through following measures.



Ways to measure success or failure-

  • Scope: Success or failure can be measured easily through the scope of work. The scope of work is always the essential element as well as the driving force of an objective. If a person achieves its aim or purpose of the work, he or she is called a successful person and the rest are called failures. Therefore, measuring the scope of work is an essential element or means to calculate a person is a failure of successful.
  • Schedule: If a person is bound by hard deadlines and has the potential to complete their assigned task within the timeframe that is allocated, then that person has truly succeeded in their work. And in other cases, if someone fails to complete his or her work within the proper timeframe then he or she is a failure. However, judging someone’s potential from his or her single days’ work would not help to make a proper judgment. In that case, we should calculate the potential of a person considering other significant factors and then conclude him or her from this important object too. Therefore, it is an essential measure to evaluate whether a person is a successful man or a failure in their business as well as achieving business objects on time.
  • Budget: While calculating failure or success of a business, the Success or Failurebudget is another most important factor. It is also important to calculate whether a person is eligible to work within its budget or goes above that. Maintaining a proper budget is also important for any business organization. A person will always be called successful when he or she is eligible to work within its allocated budget. It is another key to measure, whether a person is successful or not. A failure always exceeds the budget and could not properly manage to complete the work within the allocated budget. Hence, measuring success or failure of a person by calculating their potential to work within a budget is really an effective way to identify a successful person.
  • Personal satisfaction: Unless a person is satisfied working, he or she could never become successful in life. A successful man is easily identified by his positivity, desirable behaviour, and career growth, whereas, failures do not have any willingness to open and rarely tells what will work. Therefore, from calculating the personal satisfactory level of a person, it is easy to understand whether he or she is a failure or a successful person.
  • Team satisfaction: While working in a team it is mandatory that every members of the team work equally and with proper satisfaction to achieve the ultimate aim of the business. Unless, the total team is working with satisfaction, the team may suffer losses. Therefore, if someone from the entire team fails to do so, then he or she will surely fail to achieve their business goals and will be a failure. By the means of calculating team satisfaction, success or failure of a person or a team is easy to conclude.

Success or Failure

  • Work quality: The quality of work is the most important factor to calculate whether a person is successful or not. Failures could never deliver a good quality work because of its inefficiency. To understand whether a person is successful or failure it is essential to evaluate and track the work quality. Recommendations are always considered as free advertising, and a successful person always respects others suggestions and renders so. If a person is qualified to work with consistency and deliver a good quality work it is easier to consider that person as a successful person. And if a person is always changing the objects and could not even achieve a single target with good quality work, he or she is a complete failure. Hence, evaluating work quality is an important as well as a helpful way to measure failure or success.


Success or Failure

Keep all the above-made statements in mind; we all are also very familiar with the phrase that ‘Failure is the key to Success’. Therefore, a failure person can be a successful man in the day to come, only if he or she tries to achieve their aims in life. In order to achieve success in life the main things that we all need to keep in mind are maintaining the quality of work, work with dedication and try to achieve personal and team satisfaction. Then only we may find that the way to success is approaching our way and we needed not to run behind success every time. Sometimes leading a disciplined life also helps to achieve success in every aspect of life. Working with proper dedication and clear objective is the main key to success.

By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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