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Healthy Summer Hacks

Is there anyone in love with the hot and warm of the summer season?

Then the hot summer might not harm you to that extent and you can enjoy it while keeping all the necessary nutrition in check. But for others those who are not in much love with the hot season it is really pathetic for them. In the long, warmer and lazier days it is not that easy to live healthily. But it is our individual responsibility to practice good habits to stay healthy in the hot days of summer. Therefore, summer is also the best and perfect time to improve your healthy habits.

Ways to remain healthy in summer

  • Drink lots of water: During the hot season, human body generally consumes a lot of water and it is suggested to drink sufficient amount of filtered water in summer and throughout the year as well. Water helps to maintain body temperature, so it is mandatory to maintain coolness in your body by drinking sufficient amount of water daily.
  • Prefer green tea than sweet tea: Green tea has some natural components, which helps a human body to speed up their metabolism. Green tea also helps to rejuvenate and cools the body down easily as it aids the body to generate sweat and lowers the temperature of the body. Green tea is enriched with Vitamin C and the ideal drink for summer to stay healthy. Sweet tea only pleasures the taste but not that healthier compared to green tea.
  • Don’t skip your breakfast: Never ever try to avoid intake healthy breakfast rich in protein, vitamin, and nutrients. Breakfast serves a kind of energy in summer because due to excessive heat the body gets tired easily and breakfast it a kind of boost to it. Healthy breakfast also helps to generate high metabolism in the body.
  • Sleep well: To remain active throughout the long summer days it is mandatory to sleep well at night. Try to maintain the same bed-time and schedule your wake-up time every day at the same time only. You must also avoid taking naps during the summer day-time.
  • Go light with your drinks: During the hot days of summer, it is better not to drink but still if you want you can opt for the chilled and light beverages. It is recommended to skip hard alcohol during hot summer. Consumption of alcohol also helps to protect heart-related diseases.
  • Take healthy snacks and nuts: Try to consume healthy nuts and snacks at your workplace and scrape throughout the hot summer days, which will help you to generate energy. Generally, people tend to lose energy much earlier during the hot summer days. So it is better to remain energized rather than thinking about getting fat.
  • Hydrate often: People gets more dehydrated due to excessive summer, so you should start your day by drinking an adequate amount of water as it will help you to remain hydrated through the days. Keep drinking water before every meal you intake.
  • Pre-plan your meals: You must always plan sometimes special for summer. Keep your activities well-prepared to practice during summer days or nights. But try to avoid ordering foods during summer from restaurants instead go for a group cooking activity.
  • Skincare: It is really of great importance to protecting your skin from the harmful UV-rays. Therefore, in order to remain tan-free, protect your skin always wear your sun scream, carry umbrellas or caps and wear a sunglass on going out at sun.
  • Yoga and meditation: You can remain cool and in good mind throughout this hot summer by regularly practicing meditation, yoga and breathing techniques. With some simple yoga practices, you are free to stay healthy, focused and happy as well.
  • Consume summer veggies and fruits: Not only for the summer season but it is good if you regularly intake sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. To stay cool in hot summer you must consume foods that contain water, like- tomatoes, watermelon, berries and various other things. Yogurt is really of great help to keep in your daily diet during summer meals.

Summer is just a season just like winter, spring, and autumn. Depending on how much you are in love with the season. It is not only for summer but also for other seasons we all wished to stay healthy always. If you are physically fit, you can also remain mentally fine so both are inter-related to one another. However, this simple tip will surely help you to stay healthy and cool throughout the long, warm and hot summer. And drink as much and water you can as dehydration is really a common phenomenon that almost everyone suffers during this awful summer.

By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @Travarsa)

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