Google Lens, a machine learning power app


Google has introduced an awesome stand-alone machine learning power application called Google lens. Every time Google introduces a new application that has a speciality. Just like that this time it introduces Lens applications for Camera in Android and iOS. This lens will have the same functionality as the normal lens which identifies an object. So this very interesting to see this app which will work as a far object identifier.

Google Lens app, uses artificial intelligence to provides information about the snapped images. When user open the app, it brings to the viewfinder that can be used to focus nearby objects for analysis with Lens. Rendering to Droid Life, Google Lens app spreads to a quick launching app for the Android and iOS devices where the functionality is not already on menus.


Working Process of Google Lens:
When focusing a phone’s camera at an object, Google lens will help to identify the object and quickly show the relevant results. For example, if a user focuses Google lens to a tree far away from the phone camera, the lens will identify the tree and show related information about this tree. Another example, suppose a user points a camera at a Wi-Fi label which contains network address and password, the lens scanned it and automatically connect the W-Fi. Google lens is also combined with Google photos.This feature of Google also allows to scan Barcodes, texts, Photos, translate a Word, a sentence, add an event in Google calendar, Copy and paste, recognise an object, selecting smart text, Providing route direction and more.

To make Google lens work properly, User need a strong Wi-Fi connection, a normal net connection will not make it work properly.


Release of Google Lens:
Google officially introduce Google lens on October 4 into the Google pixel 2, Sony Experia XZ2. On March 5, 2018, Google released Google lens to Google photos on non-pixel phones. Google also release this app in iOS on March 15. The stand-alone application is available now on Play store or Google Play. A user of Android smartphones with Marshmallow or upper version can only be able to install Google lens and use it.

Based on the early review of initial users, this app is not working on some smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7, Moto G4, Red mi note 3. Google is working on it. Besides such negative review, some positive reviews are also mentioned.
Google lens has already included in Sony Experia XZ2, Oneplus, Pixel 2 XL phones and the app is working very well on those devices.


Apart from some negative review, Google lens will provide excellent features which will help a user in many ways. Google lens makes it very easy to search, explore information on Google. This lens is not available on full version till date, gradually Google will definitely release its full version, which will be available for every smartphone. Google lens will be very fruitful for Google in coming days.

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