Google File Go, a free and intelligent file manager app


Enlisting File Go, a free, lightweight and intelligent file manager app to their super enhanced App Portfolio which is already extended with pages after pages of comprehensible apps such as Google Maps, Google Photos, and YouTube. Google is prolonging a continuous track record of making a vast series of prearranged and controlled apps with grand aptitude. Among the millions of file managing app what aspect crafts File Go with a diverse identity?

In order to acquire the points of value about its versatile identity by going through the following facts.

Basic Appearance of File Go:

Precisely as per as technology, the app is presented in form of beta but it holds an impression like everyone with a device running through Android platform can be able to download it from the Google’s Play Store and trial with it. You will get instant greeting with a welcome note after un-wrapping this app that it is in beta form right now. After your moving and giving it an allowance of accessing right of the particular files system, the app will set in motion to take profile.


A Set of Course of Action

Files Detection- Google’s File Go provides an innovative scope to the Smartphone users to find their data in an exact way through their smart filter process and presents an organized setup of their accumulated data. After the selection of file Tab, placed at the pedestal of the File Go app, you will be directed to a particular screen and get the allocation of finding files in the subjected device by category wise; such as downloads, videos, received files, audio, images, and documents. After these steps, you can be able to control files, if you have any need of renaming, sharing, or deleting them, etc. Firstly, pick a file sort of category, and then plug the down menu subsequently to the file.

File Transferring and Receiving Protocol

It is quite wonderful to hear that File Go app is incorporated with an offline files transfer protocol system through which users can be able to transfer any type of data to nearby users directly. The transfer procedure will be fast and encrypted.

At the bottom surface of the files tab, there will be a visible option named by ‘Transfer Securely without Internet’. It is assumed that it engaged with Bluetooth for maintaining transferring protocol which has quite a similarity to Apple’s Airdrop feature. Basically, users have to click the ‘Send’ button; secondly, it needs the allocation to access user’s device, and writes down their name. After that, it is told that: “Ask your friend to open the Files Go app and tap receive”.


Once another user follows the clarified direction, you will be capable to choose a file and send off it to them – without any requirement of Wi-Fi or mobile data. For receiving the files, you have to unlock the Files Go app and knock receive. Files Go will search for the sender and recognize their sending. This feature is essentially usable if users want to share a vast data file via mail, like a video file, heavy graphical content. Just untie Files Go and forward it or accept it.

Settings Configuration

Files Go app has maintained a user-friendly settings interface. For accessing ‘settings menu’ in Files Go app dashboard, click the three-dotted switch of the top corner of Storage or Files dashboard and simply select the Settings option. Users can notice options for getting alerts about their low down storage, unnecessary apps, downloaded vast files, widen media folders, etc. Anyone can also regulate their name, verbal communication preferences, and a lot.


Storage Optimization

After initiation with Files Go app, users will be directed to a particular screen which is ripped into two tabs, which are Storages and Files. Storage indicates you about the free space your device hold, pursued by commands on how to clear space. The user will get hold of a series of cards which is available for swipe option for send away or proceed on. Storage tab comes with a card to clear 1.05 GB of app cache, 274MB of bulky image files, 36B of downloaded files, 25.53MB of replica files. Just knock on the card for receiving its suggestion or punching away if you don’t need the references.

Hence, with all the exclusive options and prospective features Google’s File Go can be a management centred, data trimmed, fewer data consuming file manager app, which will be suitable for all sorts of android configuration and an appropriate solution for making usable the most of space of a device.

-By Haimantee Ghosh (Technical Writer @Travarsa)

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