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Going Viral On Instagram: Practical tips

Instagram has crossed the threshold of being a place to watch extremely filtered shots that radiate self-portraits, white and flat canvases with a soft focus and avocado toast, although there are still many of them.

Dream of Going Viral On Instagram: Practical tips

For a long time, Instagram has crossed the threshold of being a place to watch extremely filtered shots that radiate self-portraits, white and flat canvases with a soft focus and avocado toast, although there are still many of them. Thanks to hundreds of millions of users, Instagram is an attractive target for brands that are representing online. For most of us, getting millions of Instagram likes in millions for a post may be beyond our reach, but that does not mean there is not room for hope.

Contrary to popular belief, it really has nothing to do with the number of followers. You can have a viral post in a completely new account with a zero number of followers. Let’s have a look on some practical tips to go viral on Instagram.

Quality Content and proper network

Let’s begin with the content. There is no trick to assume what will occur to the post unless you first give it a try. You have to do your due diligence and check which posts are popular.

  • Are they music videos?
  • Memes?
  • In particular, posed selfie?
  • Travelling in a specific place? Etc.

You can check the entries on the “Search page” page, where Instagram puts all the content you think you like according to your previous actions. (P. – “Search page” will be your golden ticket to go to the viral so keep that in mind”

Recreating the post

Quite explanatory Re-publish the image and give credit to the photographer / artist (a method that many sites use at their own risk) or play in their own style. When playing viral content, make sure that the content has the same style or basic elements as the original content.

This is the first step to ensure that your content has the opportunity to fight in Instagram’s competitive environment. This is where you need to know to have a network: you need it. A network is a group of people who will exchange commitment with you. The idea is that you can create the appropriate group of people that you like and comment on its content when you publish it for the first time, thanks to which your posts will be reinforced in the algorithm and you will have the opportunity to reach a greater number of users.

It is not negotiable if you want to reach more users out of your list of “follower”. There are several factors that contribute to the fact that your posts receives a lot of traction, some of them are:

  • How quickly people get involved in your content?
  • Who deals with its content?

If you manage to nail it, you will increase them Fast and Furious. This is because your content will be considered “trendy” and will be moved to the Explore Multiple Audience page, because Instagram wants its users to see the content that appears. In this way, you can create more than 10,000 account followers in less than 30 days and, sometimes, you may have days in which you can gain from 2k to 5k of followers.

How to start building a network for free?

It’s simple, but it requires work, and if you really want to increase your account, it’s worth it. Complete the following steps today:

Find around 30 accounts in your niche that are a little well-built than you and Send a message directly with this message: “Hey, do you want to exchange likes and comments? It will help us reach more users and become more viral. I have liked your last 5 :)”

Most likely they say positive because you have already given the value. Boom, you just got a member of the network. If they say no, simply send messages to the appropriate users until you find a strong network of active users. When you get more followers, continue to improve the DM groups and add users with more capabilities. And that’s it. When your post is viral and your network is strong, any level of growth is possible.

In this way, you can grow from 0 to 100 K in less than 12 months, thanks to the direct communication function and the continuous security of the value of your network.

People are starting to take Instagram very seriously. And for good reason, Instagram is one of the best platforms to promote organic growth and reach. If you play your card right, the content can reach millions of users every day for $ 0.00, and you can use this for your business.