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Foods to include in your diet !

Individuals, who decide to take up effective ways to reduce fat, sometimes focus too much on their rate of food consumption. Surely, bringing on changes in your food habits would make a huge difference. Cutting down on oily food, junk fast food or sugary food items, are where you can start with. But, often we see people making a big mistake by going for a crash diet. Needless to say, they look for easy alternatives. By this, we mean they think that not eating any food would help them reduce fat faster.

Break the wrong notion, now! If you are one of those people who think that this habit would really help you, then you are going the wrong way. Imagine a car without fuel, how do you think that it is going to run? In the same way, if we don’t provide our bodies with food, it would simply stop functioning. In fact, many of us may not realize that not consuming enough food may lead to increased level of fat deposition. When we skip our meals, we would feel hungry earlier than usual. And, the next time we eat something, our body would extract maximum calorie or fat from it. This automatically leads to more weight.

Rather, eating right and in right intervals would actually result into a substantial process of weight reduction. There has been enough proof of people who have lost the excess fat from their bodies by just ignoring oily and junk food for a while. It is essentially the best thing one could do to make things go right in our bodies. Adopt food habits and see the difference. Here are some of the cues that you can take to structure your diet—


Yogurt contains the essential digestive bacteria which are actually good for our health. Pick one that contains no sugar added in it. This food item has the ability of being a great food. It is full of calcium, vitamin B and potassium. Yogurt can be consumed directly or you can make a lot of recipes out of it. Prepare yogurt shakes or mix a variety of dry fruits to make it tasty. Go ahead and experiment, without having to think about the calorie factor.

Brown Rice

Cut down on your carbohydrate, by altering white rice with brown rice. For those who cannot imagine their meals without rice, but also has to look after the calorie count, should look out for this. This food item is as well, very inexpensive. Only one downer is that, you may not find this substitute to be that tasty. But, you may well suit yourself with it in no time. We can’t eliminate carbs entirely from our diet because it helps in sending amino acid tryptophan cross into the brain from blood.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are a rich fibre supplement. Our bodies need to have good amount of fibre, which are hard to find from any other food items. These seeds are quite affordable and can be used in any form. You can generously spread the seeds over your salads, fish, and snacks or even crush them and add them in smoothies. High on taste as well as function, this item is a must have in your kitchen!

Leafy vegetables

Think green leafy food items, like broccoli, spinach, kale and cabbage, etc. These have maximum nutrition and contain a particular plant chemical helpful in reducing risks of cancer. Consume salads often that contain spinach, for sure! Spinach is loaded with iron as well as vitamin K. Vitamin K is effective in preventing diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis. This caters to the fact why our mothers have been telling us to eat more green items since our childhood!


People suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure, can include oat in their diet. It contains soluble fibre, also known as beta-glucan. Cholesterol gets effectively reduced since there is no scope of re-absorption. Oats are helpful in slowing down the digestion rate of carbohydrates, which directly leads to reduction of blood sugar levels. Guess what happens to your body? You get lesser urge to eat, thereby avoiding binge eating.

Incorporate these food habits in your diet and see the change within a month! Eating right is the key to a healthy and fit body. Consult a nutritionist in case you are unsure of what is right for you. Our list above is a general view of food items that can be consumed by almost everyone. Go ahead and lose weight without compromising on the taste!

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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