Ferrari 250 GTO, World’s most expensive car ever made


Ferrari 250 GTO with a prosperous history was entitled as the world’s most expensive car ever made. As per as multiple sources are concerned, this super expensive car was raised for sale at $80 million. The first variant of 250 GTO with chassis number 4153 GT was introduced in the year 1963 at 24 hours of Le Mans. In its competitive debut, this super featured car secured the fourth position. In the year 1964, Ferrari 250 GTO successfully won the Tour de France.

Ferrari 250 GTO for its potential was extensively considered as one of the topmost variants among other three GTOs in the entire world. Reports made by Drive reads that the buyer of this super expensive car is David MacNeil. MacNeil is the chief executive of WeatherTech and he already owns a number of other classic Ferrari variants. The Daily Express further reports that this super sports car is highly original and is also one of the best ever made sports car by Ferrari. Hence, in terms of originality and history, Ferrari 250 GTO is doubtlessly the best 250 GTOs.


This super expensive sports car was featured with V12, 3.0-liter engine, which has the capacity to produce 300bhp. This super expensive car has the potential to accelerate 0-100 kmph in just 6.1 seconds. When 250 GTS was first unveiled in the year 1963, at that time this super sports car was priced at $18,000 in the US. Comparing this 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO with a brand new Ford Mustang the same year, Mustang costs $2,368. Considering its shape and stylish, 250 GTO looks unique and was painted in matte silver. With its extraordinary style and featured this supercar remained for long years in the core heart of car enthusiasts.

During Ferrari 250 GTO’s time, the competition was very strong but still, this super expensive car proved it to be the best. Ecurie Francorchamps also got the opportunities to race this super sports car. Francorchamps are famous as independent and one of the most iconic Ferrari teams. Cottingham also reports that 250 GTO never made with an accident as it is highly original and has a rich history as well. However, the major reasons and intention behind MacNeil’s purchase it is still indistinguishable but it seems that he has an affinity for displaying as well as racing few of his expensive classics.


The minimalist interior of this super expensive car reflects the variant’s racing intention. 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO was equipped with cloth upholstered seats, cockpit ventilation and with no speedometer, neither headlight nor carpeting was installed. With its modest interior and exterior design, it seems that car was developed only for as a super sports car.  Hence, 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO is also well-renowned as Holy Grails of Cars.

After discussing with Ferrari historians, Fox News confirms the sale as well as the price of this super sports car, which is $80 million. But Ferrari’s historian Marcel Massini is also expecting that this super expensive car within next five years will surely get raised for sale with an exceeding amount of $100 million. 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO delivers a topmost speed of 174 mph, which is still rear in most of the top branded new variants. Therefore, Ferrari 250 GTO is considered as the greatest of all the ever built Ferrari cars and probably the greatest even built GTO variants as well.

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-By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @Travarsa)

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