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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the most successful and cost-effective strategy to find new customers, convert prospects into buyers, and generate repeat sales from existing clients.

How we do it?

Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy in a business. It furnishes brands and businesses with an opportunity to reach out to the customers, both present and potential at the most personal level. Email marketing not only requires well crafted designs and engaging content but it is indeed a diligent targeting of customers.

At Travarsa, we provide you the best Email Marketing Services. We have master the art of design, development and management of emails that are too tempting to be left unopened. We help with newsletters, surveys, invites, greetings, offers, campaign alerts, and blog redirects.

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Email marketing sure is one the best ways to reach the target audience as it is steadfast, cost effective and has an easy execution. For the most part, the best way to market products/services is by plainly reaching out to the audience through an email without any of the additional hubbub.

At Travarsa, our email marketing campaigns focus on procuring new customers and preserving the existing ones through tactical messaging, relevant content and engaging designs. Along with Email marketing campaigns, we deliberate to up sell and counter sell the brand, leading to customer retention through a scientific outlook. 

We have conveniently defined our target audience and with significant resources at hand, we run brand advocacy through genuine marketing techniques and stratagem. We craft automated workflows and lead scoring to drive trigger based email automations that results into quality leads.

Our team of content and design experts precisely goes through the research and works as per the business requirements and needs and eventually furnishes beautically crafted email designs with eloquent content to drive immediate Call to Action.  After the strategy execution, the results are tracked, evaluated, computed and reported with legible, interactive charts and graph.

We cover a wide range of metrics and report numbers on the Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click-through rate, Unsubscribe rate, Bounce rate, etc. Our Email Marketing Service simultaneously helps in creating massive and active numbers of followers.

We work on all leading email marketing tools as:

  • Mailchimp
  • Get Response
  • Send Grid
  • Zoho
  • Flash Issue
  • Mail Jet

We cover the entire compass of Email Marketing Automation.