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Creating the perfect Workspace


Businesses require creative ideas to give shape to their projects. Talking about the infrastructure of an office, much thought is given now, to bring a lot of character to its working space. For those who are new as entrepreneurs, constantly looking for new ideas that are suitable for their start-ups is one of their daily tasks. Work environment is given importance, mainly due to the fact that employers want their employees to be happy. It is believed that a satisfied employee would always be more productive.

More work is done and thought is given in designing an office now, than ever before. Considering the designs, colours and accessories, each aspect is taken care of. Interior designers also, seem to have acquired a lot of expertise in this respect. They all agree to a point that start-ups now are increasingly looking forward to open office culture. Surely, what plays behind this idea is the eagerness of the entrepreneurs in building a progressive work culture.

Getting an insight into the ideas for an office space, may well help in setting the stage for a successful business—

  • Flexible office. For a business that is growing, it is ideal not to invest in a huge place right in the beginning. Entrepreneurs may not be very sure of the employee strength at first. The company may start with a few employees and have a lot of employees soon after. For that matter, it is essential for the interior designers to understand the needs of the company, or at least have an idea. Space should be created in such a way that helps to accommodate more workstations in future.
  • Create what you need. Usually, start-ups don’t have a big budget for the office. Even if it is so, interior designers and architects suggest, of having a decent reception. This would create a great picture to the clients, employees and others. Along with this, having rooms dedicated to meetings, is a must. Established start-ups should aim towards having meeting room outside their working place, so that there is no interruption in the work.

  • Aim for productivity. Design should be directed to the overall development of employees. The interiors of the office must impact positively on the health, productivity and happiness of employees. Ideas that look after the comfort, privacy, lighting, airflow, healthy lifestyle and others should be opted, in order to increase the influx of employees. Expert interior designers would focus on how the well-being of employees could be looked after.

  • Bringing the outdoors in. Offices that bring the outdoors in are doing it all right! Employees spend around eight hours inside the walls of the office henceforth having natural elements inside would create a great atmosphere. Keeping plants is a great way to start showing that you care for the environment. Create walls that reflect your idea of having natural elements in your work space. Altogether, there should be enough signs that you care for the employees.

There are many other ideas that are perfectly suitable for offices, such as putting up unique designs, motivational walls, furniture that provide the ultimate comfort, and others. Getting the right kind of ideas from an expert interior designer would help in setting you on the right track.   

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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