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Consequences of using Smartphone


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What harm is cell phone doing to your health?

Cell phone users all over the world are quite high in number. Considering the benefits of using cell phones in our daily life, one can surely be thankful for its invention. But how much of this is affecting our health? Individuals are on their phones all the time, from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. The effects of cell phone use are manifold. The constant use of cell phones in our lives are impacting our health in a severe way. We may not be fully aware of it, but the harm has quite been done.

There was a time when cell phones were used just for calling and texting. But now, every single need is satisfied by mobile devices. Thanks to the invention of Internet that has contributed to various technologies which make our lives easier. Ordering food online; buying groceries, clothes, books, shoes, electronic devices, to finding dates and fixing marriages, are done in just a click from our cell phones. So, when our whole life is almost sorted with one single device, it is certain that we’d be glued to it all day long.

When we use a device like this, how do you think it wouldn’t make a difference in your health? Adults make the mistake of sharing their phones with infants. What you think is an entertainment option for kids, is extremely harmful.

These are some of the long-term effects of cell phones on your health and habit. Check them so that you can reduce the usage of it.

Emotions targeted

Just the presence of a mobile device can make a big difference in how you perceive the other person in front of you. Studies have been carried out, where a mobile device was placed in front of two strangers. Results showed that without the mobiles, individuals became more positive about each other. It is revealed through various researches that mobile devices do interfere in human relationships. A person finding comfort in the presence of a mobile phone, is not a good sign. It makes them understated and often misjudged.

Increase in Stress and Anxiety

Stress levels are likely to predominate while using mobile devices. Studies have shown that women tend to experience sleep disruption. On the other hand, men are affected with depression as well as interrupted sleep. So, one can imagine how things can get difficult when you overuse your mobile device. A common habit among individuals is staying glued to their mobile devices, even till the moment they go to sleep. Using mobile devices in a dark room can cause a big harm.

Impacting Socialization

Normal socialization gets affected with the used of mobile devices. We often find people engrossed in their mobile devices, even when they are with their family or friends. Trends have shown that people are more likely to become unsocial because of over use of phones. Checking mobile phones every other minute, is a habit found common among individuals. One can easily say that this kind of behaviour is nothing but a sign of addiction to mobile devices.

Misalignment of Spine

Some individuals tilt over to check his/her phone a thousand times in day. What do you think that does to their spinal cord? The constant bending over to find what’s the notification in the device saying, is making you unhealthy. Not only this, migraines and neck pain are major illnesses that affect the well-being of a person. Adults are not alone in this; young children and teenagers can get seriously damaged because of this habit.

Not using cell phones, is something we can’t afford to do in today’s world. Everything we do, is some way or the other related to mobile devices. Considering that it has made our lives easier, one should also be wary about its negative sides. Balancing one’s use of this device to a considerable amount may result into less damage.      

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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