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Buy Oppo Realme 1, Review and Specification

Oppo Realme 1 review: A good enough challenge for Redmi Note 5?

Smartphones, now a day, look almost similar. Oppo has come up with a model that has some unique look. This is a phone that offers diamond cut 3D design at affordable prices. It reflects light just like a diamond would and appears different from every angle. Glass body of Realme 1 looks incredible. Realme, has been introduced by Oppo, to cater to the requirements of mainly the online shoppers. Targeting particularly the youth of the country, Oppo sets the price of the product somewhere in between 10,000 to 20,000 rupees. One may expect the smartphone to be a sleek and stylish one.

Let us have a look at what Oppo Realme 1 has to offer to the buyers—

  • Camera

Keeping high expectations from the phone, may lead to disappointment. With a 13 MP rear and 8 MP front camera, the image quality is sure to satisfy the basic needs of a camera phone. Considering the primary rear camera, objects are captured at a distant focal length. However, the colours may look quite unappealing. Camera is unable to capture moving objects, which is again a downer. For someone who’s more interested in clicking selfies, the front camera may pose to be a better option. AI assists in clicking perfect images, better than the rear camera. Focus of the camera is something to be worried about. As you change the focus to a different point, the camera is unable to defocus the previous one.

  • Design

As a smartphone, the device is quite fashionable to look at. Making few nifty changes, Oppo has been able to bring some uniqueness to this model. Realme 1 has a Full View display along with bezels, that are there both on top and bottom. Top bezel has the earpiece and selfie shooter, while the bottom one has been kept empty. It is anticipated that may be for cost-cutting issue, the brand has skipped the fingerprint sensor. Speakers, aux input and the speakers are present on the chin of the device. One would find the volume rockers on the left and power key on the right. For better grip, the phone has round edges.

  • Dimension

Realme 1 is quite a big phone as it comes in a 6.0-inch full HD display. One needn’t have to worry about the size, since it fits perfectly in hand. Watching videos or movies can be a great experience considering the attractive screen. Face recognition can be used to unlock the phone, even though it doesn’t have fingerprint censor. It is amazing to know that the Face Unlock works great even in low-light.

  • Performance

Considering the usability of the device, it is one that would be quite easy to operate. Widgets are present on the home screen. With just a swipe, several options would be available in the drop-down menu. A right swipe would open Google Smart Assistant, displaying the daily used applications, steps tracker and weather information. Even when you play games and watch videos, no such problem would be seen.

  • Audio

Audio output is something that the brand can focus on improving. For an audiophile, the experience may not be very fulfilling. Even after plugging in with the best earphones, the audio isn’t the best. Bing-watching movies or series can be disturbed with the constant muffling.

  • Processor and Space

The device uses latest Android 8.1 Oreo, which certainly contributes to a great smartphone experience. With 16 GB RAM, it might be hard for the phone to compete with other smartphones in the range of 13,990 rupees. But, the lesser memory variants are something to look out for under 10,000 rupees.

Buy Oppo Realme 1 at discounted price

Is it a challenge for Redmi Note 5?

Even with 12 MP primary camera, Redmi Note 5 has amazing picture quality. Larger pixels are the reason why better shots are taken. It runs on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. In terms of the hardware, Note 5 has the same formula as the previous phones. Notable is the media player, which makes audio and video a great experience. At a starting price of 9,999; Oppo Realme 1 is in no comparison to Redmi Note 5.

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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