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Amazon Echo Spot : Now you see what you hear

After a success Amazon Alexa, Amazon has its new device called Amazon Echo Spot,  a smart device that poses to have voice-controlling facility. Much of the design has been taken from Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker. This new one is a small device, that is majorly used for video watching. Apart from that, viewing photos forms another function of this video. With the assistance of Amazon’s virtual personal guidance, Amazon Alexa, the user would receive visual feedback as well.

Amazon Echo Spot, just like other Amazon Echo devices, entirely depends upon Alexa. It helps in the right interpretation of verbal commands, thereby responding in a natural way. However, Amazon Echo Spot requires an Internet connection to get Alexa to function. This is because Alexa works with the help of a voice service that is cloud-based.

In order to make sure that your commands are working, Amazon Echo Spot has four microphones. Here, Amazon has worked on its technology to ensure noise-free sound. So, even if you are in a crowded room, the device would be able to catch your voice and function accordingly.

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Amazon Echo Spot : Design

With 2.5-inch of circular screen and four inches of diameter, this device is a perfect space-saver. Speaker holes are right there at the bottom of the device. Angle with which the device is created, makes it easier for users to identify and watch from anywhere of the room. The screen is bright and has got incredible viewing angles. Ring that encircles the screen, strikes out as the trademark.

If you are expecting the Echo Spot to be strikingly different from other such devices, you might think it again. The appearance does nothing to the device as it can be easily be confused with an alarm clock. Echo Spot depends upon an AC adapter that is attached to a cable.

Amazon Echo Spot Features and specifications

The basic functions of Amazon Echo Spot resemble functions almost the same to the standard Amazon Echo. Reading out daily news, looking up information on the Internet, managing daily appointments, streaming music, etc. Amazingly, Echo Spot can connect with speakers through Bluetooth or even by using 3.5mm cable. If you have a party or occasion at your place, you may well experience the incredible music quality.

Echo Spot introduces the new feature of video calling to others who own Echo Spot or even Echo Show. This goes even for someone using Amazon Alexa application.

One can utilize the screen of Echo Spot to take advantage of the shopping functionality of Alexa. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you may well order anything by asking Alexa. Echo Spot constantly uses Alexa Skills Kit. This functionality helps Alexa to drive new capabilities. The Skills Kit is free, you can install it any time via Amazon.

When the Echo Spot is not in use, choose digital clock and 16 analog faces. Events, weather, notifications, trending news and alarms will be displayed. Keeping it in a place that is easily accessible and recognizable, would be best.

Why buy an Echo Spot?

It is a smart speaker, and if you want some sort of versatility, capabilities, and quality device, this one should be an easy-choice. Priced at $129, one can find it to be one of the expensive Echo devices. But, then you are getting a fair deal to add this in your office or home.

Ignoring Google and Apple as competitors would be wrong for Amazon, especially when it has shared it with Alexa licensee Sonos. Having said that, this is a nice buy and something that would be hard to keep in stock.

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By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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