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Boss is Always Right ! How to deal with it ?

The Boss is Always Right!


You are employed in a company, and, weekly meetings are not uncommon. Getting an opportunity to express your opinion is something you don’t want to miss. But your boss shuts you down, giving not so much of an importance to what you said. Maybe, both of you in that room know that you’re right. How do you think of handling this situation?

Many of us make the mistake of either confronting the issue with our boss, or end up swallowing the feeling. Think about it, do we always have only these two options in front of us? Disagreement is a tricky affair. There is a particular way by which you can do it. Of course, there is no harm in revealing what you feel. One doesn’t need to be submissive at all times.

Keep in mind that a person above your position in the hierarchy of the company deserves respect. Even if you disagree with that person, do it in a considerate manner. Dealing an odd situation at office or absorbing the work culture, might look a little difficult at first. When you are confronting your boss in a serious situation, avoid conflict by using the below tactics—

The perfect Place and Time

When you are in office, every step you take and thing you say, need speculation. The when and where factors should be considered, at all times. If you have to confront your boss, give some serious thoughts to it. A team meeting can be a perfect opportunity to speak up and express your ideas.  Check yourself from becoming too aggressive, or excited.

Observe the mood of your boss, and gauge when can be the right time for you to talk.

Importance of the Issue

Make sure that you are reaching out to your boss for a valid discussion. Be selective with what you want to talk about, and, it should not be something relating to your colleagues. Your boss has a lot more important things to handle, and resolving employee conflicts, may not be the prior work for him. Employees, who reach to their bosses for every single matter, may not realize, but it actually looks like their bosses are babysitting them in office. Try solving issues with your colleagues, maturely.

Positivity in Statement

Being direct in your statement, is what your boss expects in his busy schedule. But make sure to start things on a positive note. Approaching someone higher in authority, may not be very welcoming of your straightforward attitude. In that case, try to put your words carefully. Create an introduction that allows you to be short and positive. It can be anything, from appreciating the project you are handling or any other new office facilities.

Showing you disagreement in a smart way, may go a long way. It is much better to begin the conversation with a compliment.

Lesser complaints

Imagine an employee who goes to his boss, almost every day, with complaints. Does that sound good to you? Well, it is not. Make a habit that doesn’t require you to always be itchy about little things in office. Having said that, if you find certain things difficult to handle, turn your complaints into requests, instead. Approach your boss with requests, like, how you’d like a thing to happen, in place of the other, etc. Avoid being too whiny about every little thing.

Requesting is an act that shows that you are reasonable, mature, respectful, and keen to be solution-oriented.

Have questions

Do not try to take in charge of anyone else’s position. Particularly, when it comes to managers, you may need to loosen up a little. Managers wouldn’t appreciate the idea of you being critical of the things happening in your home. You mustn’t forget that, they are there to look after instruction and criticism part. Make questions a collaborative affair, than just firing demands at your boss or a person in authority.

When you do this part, it will make things easier for you. Make your opinion more of a suggestion, than just demands. In office, you’d probably be asked for sharing your views regarding development.

Show your concern

An employee must always show that she/he cares about the company. It is natural, that you may not want to be in the present company forever, but reflect on the positive aspects. When you do this, your concern will show. Ask thoughtful questions about the present scenario at work, or show various ways by which you can stay company-focussed.

Accept the decision

Your boss has the final say in everything. It is up to him/ her to take your opinion. Your idea may not appear very appealing to him, in that case, you accept and move on. In the matter of acceptance itself, show that you have no problem with it. In your position, you cannot be condescending. Until you become the boss, you will be in a position to lend ideas, or accept if they are not required.

There are workplaces that are comparable to a nightmare for employees. For them, keeping in mind the above points might help. But, still we are left with a question, till how far should you agree with your boss?

One must remember that disagreement is possible. But at the same time, you do not want to lose your job. When you are hired by a company, you have been tested of your brain as well as mouth. So, that simply means, you’re not at the office just to lend ideas out of your brain. Accepting the diversities is ideal, but not by disrespecting individuality. While engaging at work, you may not be able to agree completely with your manager. Career enhancement can still be done, when you are not agreeing with your boss always.

Here are easy tips by which you can keep your job, even while disagreeing at times—

Taking it easy

No boss wants an employee that is rebellious. Don’t let your emotions come in between, when you are in front of your boss. Emotionally charged people are not appreciated.

Don’t take things personal

Never show that you have problems with your boss, personally. If you think that it is hard for you to absorb things, move out. Disagreements should be made with grace.

Offering alternatives

Moving up to the boss for something that is bothering you, is great. But if your boss asks you for any alternative to the situation, are you ready for it? Think of one such plan or otherwise you could be misunderstood for someone being whiny at work.

There are multiple ways by which a situation can be handled at work. Everyone knows that nobody can be right always, not even your boss. So, while you point it out to him/her, make sure to take things professionally. Disagreements are common, tackle it with precision.

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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