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All About New Apple 7NM A12 ChipSet

TSCM has already started their production in the mass of next-generation Apple A12 chipset to get them equipped in the upcoming iPhones. The updated iPhones are ready to get launch probably later this year. This initiative was taken because the Korean giant aims to achieve 7nm SoCs scale production in the last half of the respective year. That means that it was a bit too late for the company to take such decisions.

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With the use of 7-nanometer design process, the Apple A12 is said to be manufactured and also called the next-generation processor. However, the present generation chipset of Apple A11 Bionic is fully developed on a 10-nanometer design, which is equipped in iPhone X and iPhone 8 as well. Till yet, Apple did not declare much about such changes but if it comes true then 7-nm processor for Apple A12 will be well-renowned as the first A-series 7-nm chipset. It is also assumed that the shrinking die measure will render ample benefits. The most important is an increase in the transistor density, which will benefit to boost the processing power and efficiency as well. The process size reduction also helps to improve the battery life or improve performance level.

Shrinking die size will not only benefit the chip to result more efficiently but also make it function more smartly after featured on the iPhone or other smartphones. Also with the development of A11 Bionic, Apple implemented a proficient dual-core neural engine inside the design of its main processor. That will help to enable Face ID, algorithms of specific machine learning, Animoji as well as other features. Hence, the initial result was quite satisfactory but with Google, it needs to become smarter to compete. As with Al cameras and Google Lens, Android phones have many satisfactory features in them. Even Android users are using the viewfinders to adjust on the fly and identify the objects as well. However, it is expected that the new A12 chip will surely create certain necessary and major changes and will develop new features to the natural engine of Apple.

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In this year April, TSCM, which is popular as the world’s largest chipmaker, had confirmed that they have started with 7-nanometer processor’s mass production. However, TSCM has not yet disclosed the name of the company for which they are set for such mass production. The report further suggests that TSCM is assumed to implement certain in-house development InFO wafer-level packaging in its FinFET 7-nanometer technology. This development was initiated in order to render more advanced product and set a high competition to Samsung, their main competitor brand.

Samsung is a South-Korean based company and has previously been responsible for Apple’s A-series chipset production. But last year the responsibility of A-series chipset production of Apple were shifted to TSCM, which is a California-based chipset manufacturing company. Recently, Samsung also declares their plans to start production of 7-nanometer chips for its own but later this year. In order set a great competition to iPhone and other to top branded smartphones, Samsung also confirms their plan to implement 7-nanometer chips for their own flagship upcoming smartphones. However, more detailed description till yet is not known about the development of 7nm A12 chips for Apple by TSCM but expect soon to get with its release.

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By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @Travarsa)

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