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All about Mi Band 3, Price and features

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has  declared a confirmation note regarding the revelation of hood of  Mi Band 3, a massive upgraded  third-generation wearable fitness tracker from the company, will be presented as a big hit  part of  upcoming product event  on account of 8th anniversary of the company in Shenzhen . Xiomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is going to host the most expected product concealing party as per as their prevalent product lineup yet in this running month.

Buy and Checkout – Currently trending in smartphones

Continuing to have a reasonable price as per as its preceding models Xiomi’s MI Band 3  has all set to fascinate the market  with its most hunted smart wearable band which will be available in only 2194.98 Indian Rupee.

As the leaks derived from China hint, does not expose any point of view   beyond the retail price of the gadget, we have to focus only to the rumours and indications of previous trends.

  • A Glance of Forthcoming Specification

The report recommends that, Xiomi will present its Mi Band 3 with more durable conformation and resolute design.

  • Distinct Design and Diverse Display

It will arrive with enhanced display of AMOLED screen with sky-scraping resolution, fully captive touch screen, all new-fangled designs, superior heart rate sensor, charging equipment and more accessible interface for signing up and making harmonization with different apps. Xiaomi’s Mi band 3 will be introduced with a super active, slim and stylish screen display so that you can perceive more at the glance. Just lifting your wrist you will be scoped extensively to get time and series of other features parameter, including heart rate, call notifications and a more great extent of features.

Buy and Checkout – Currently trending in smartphones

According to overall design Xiomi has set a finest example of remodelling for its fresh concerned designs. They have paid grand attention to the stuffing of increasing screen size and the lid of whole band by a dazzling   screen for commencing more reliable look. A diverse screen is proved to be more supportive for   gesture-based performance that ensures smooth swiping aspects for browsing through gathering points and items.

  • Empowerment by Auto Detecting features

Auto detecting functions, the most dominant feature of Mi Band 3 will make delightful our routine workouts and exercise with the association of more progressive in-built motion sensors which is very captive and don’t required any type of switch modes  before our starting. It will be able to afford the absolute measurement of your heart rate for regulating the length as well as intensity of our workouts. So just be calm and keep forward your steps towards your fitness goal.


  • Multitasking Superlative Features

Ultimately Xiomi’s fitness band Mi 3 is going to unveiled with a exclusive  range of multitasking functionality such as advanced channelling breathing, blood pressure monitoring and linked GPS, NFC which will be presented as the limelight features for Mi fitness band 3. It will make available any kind of alert to reach you important and essential message notifications, allowance of setting reminders, checking availability of your calendar appointments, 3G calling facility and a lot of technology unified stuffs. No doubt Mi Band 3 will assure you for a super active lifestyle and you can get hold of a range of apps multiplied across categories like productivity, fitness, weather report, newsfeed, photography extent and education scope. The latest Mi band 3 can also be targeted for utilization of remotely trigger the camera.

So, till the date of revelation  we have to wait to experience how Xiomi’s Mi Band 3 create a strong impact with all its fascinating features and also a smart mesmerizing app unlocking system without a pin or fingerprint scanner.

– By Haimantee Ghosh (Technical Writer @ Travarsa)

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