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All About Mercedes Benz GLB

Mercedes Benz GLB

Mercedes Benz GLB with all its latest updates is expected to get unveiled in Q4 2019. With the introduction of an exclusively made crossover called the GLB, the German company decides to fill the space between the GLA and GLC as well. This super featured crossover will be entirely based on the similar platform alike the new generation A-Class. This exclusively designed crossover is declared to be featured with five-seat configuration along with optional seventh-seats.

The development process of Mercedes Benz GLB continued in various different parts of the world, with the efficiency of the engineers testing thoroughly all of its adopted features. As per as the AutoNews report, Mercedes-Benz in between all this testing process presented the US dealers with the pre-production version. The German automobile company further declares that this super featured SUV is expected to arrive in showroom worldwide within the last quarter of the upcoming year.

Mercedes Benz further decides not to export GLB from Europe, as the entirely new crossover SUV is set to be developed in Mexico. The charge of assembling the parts of the upcoming GLB was handover in location, Aguascalientes. That is also an effective part of new joint venture Daimler-Nissan. This is also the similar location where the German automaker further decides to assemble the upcoming A-Class Sedan as well. A-Class Sedan, unlike the hatchback version, will be made available in the United States.

The total G-Force concept was actually introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 with the hints of what more to come next. However, comparing Mercedes Benz GLA with GLC, GLC offers enough space but with limited off-road abilities. Interestingly, GLB will be designed with more spacious interior than the G-Class GLA along with off-road qualities. Therefore, this super featured car will be designed as a road-biased SUV.

Mercedes Benz GLB is effectively featured with a powertrain line-up consisting of 4-units inline series, in both diesel and gasoline flavors. The option for plug-in-hybrid is also available in this entirely new crossover. Interior of GLB is powered with MBUX infotainment system, 64-Color Ambient Lighting, large infotainment display and digital instrument cluster. The MBUX infotainment system facilitates the use of natural speech to control various vehicle functioning.

The exterior of Mercedes Benz GLB is extraordinarily designed like a compact crossover along with aggressive AMG Package and Boxy, G-Class design. This super featured car is further equipped with a four-cylinder engine, possible AMG version, diesel options, MFA2 platform and 224hp as well. However, detailed featuring is still not revealed by the renowned German automaker about their upcoming variant.

Price wise, the entirely new crossover SUV will be a bit more costly than the present Mercedes Benz GLA, which is available in the USA at $ 33,400. However, GLB is also expected not to cross the base of Mercedes Benz GLC that starts from $40,050. But considering its options and features, Mercedes Benz GLB would definitely be more expensive. In addition to the GLB and A-Class Sedan, the German automaker will surely introduce their other variants in North America. All three of them, AMG GT, new G-Class and CLS four-door coupe are further expected to cross Atlantic this present year. Car enthusiasts must be eagerly looking forward to the Mercedes Benz GLB to go on sale as a 2020 model in the upcoming year. Potential rivals of this super featured crossover include the BMW X2, Jeep Renegade, Audi Q2 and Volvo XC40 as well.

-By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @Travarsa)

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