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All About Jaguar J Pace, new SUV coming 2021

Jaguar J Pace


Jaguar plans to come up with a brand-new flagship SUV in the years to come. The brand has recently opted to file for worldwide trademark in the name of J-Pace. Coventry, a manufacturer based in UK, is supposed to be directed towards production of the anticipated SUV. Jaguar’s J-Pace is known to possess a unique design, created by design director, Ian Callum. Jaguar J-Pace is expected to make its debut within 2021. Following the success of F-Pace and the consequent brilliant introduction of E-Pace and I-Pace, J-Pace will be the fourth SUV launched by Jaguar.

What seems to be the case, Jaguar has plans of focusing on the SUV segment. This would contribute to higher profit and sell of more units.

J-Pace has an aluminium build body, the Range Rover platform will be fully utilized, but with bigger cabin space in the rear and stance which is low on road-bias. Taking about the powertrains, it wouldn’t be any different from the typical Range Rover. Jaguar promises to keep a minimum of one electrified model of every car by the year 2020. However, they aren’t going to forget about the performance-based SUVs, saloons as well as sports cars. The brand accepts that their range of soft-roader cars is mainly responsible for more profits because of higher sales.

Jaguar J-Pace has designs that would easily take away the stares from all other autos out in the market. As per the designs, J-Pace might turn out to be a version of XJ patterns. The car is hopefully going to be longer, more spacious and lower, in comparison to its previous models. Practically, not much is known from the makers. But, what we expect is that Jaguar J-Pace would be quite different from the previously launched, F-Pace.

Two different wheel variations are expected of this model. Wheelbase is quite expected to be fast as well as long. V6 and V8 engines are what are most likely to be seen in Jaguar J-Pace. A quick increase in the electrified Jaguars, including both full EVs and hybrids, can be considered to be a prominent progress. Changes in the software, hardware and bodywork are much influenced from I-Pace, which has been launched not much long back. F-Pace and E-Pace might be the reasons behind the recent improvements.

Jaguar chiefs believe that it is important for the brand to keep on producing high-end models, like they are doing with the J-Pace. One can say that this move is to constantly ensure maintaining the brand’s image as a manufacturer of luxurious and performance cars.

F-Pace triggered a new life of cars for Jaguar. By selling more than 70,000 units in the previous year, this model has become most successful model in years. Jaguar is pinning on every specification of J-Pace, as they don’t want to go wrong with a full replacement of this existing model. I-Pace is the brand’s first ever electric car, which won much appreciation for proportions, looks and bold concept.

J-Pace would be more of a sleek and glamorous, all-aluminium model. What seems to be certain is that the car is going to be a much developed version of the aluminium architecture of the Range Rover. It is sure to be an extremely luxurious on-demand SUV. Jaguar expects the car to be quite popular in China, with an increased sell, and where most owners are driven by chauffeurs.

By Raina Kushary (Senior Content Developer and Research Analyst @ Travarsa)

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