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If you are a console or video games lover then Asus ROG is only for you. Asus has recently unveiled this new high-spec Gaming phone at Computex in Taipei. This smartphone is a perfect choice for gamers.

Before ROG release, Razer was the only smartphone which gains huge popularity among gamers. But now Asus introduced its best invention relates to the video game which can compete with Razer. By the way, Asus has topped them.

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According to Asus reports, ROG is moving very fast in the market at the moment. Battery backup is last for 7 hours while playing Wi-Fi connected Games. Asus ROG Phone is a mind-blowing, extraordinary invention of Asus to date. It is the best example of a good gaming phone. So this phone is a treat for all game lovers. It is not available till now in India, but it will be released in India very soon. So get ready to grab it.


Asus ROG Phone comes with a joystick set and Handsets including different gaming buttons. Asus ROG Phone comes with some decent external accessories including an external cooling fan that can be attached to the back, an optional handled dock called twin view dock which adds a secondary screen for better gaming view. Whenever a user wants to play a game, a user can set the joystick phone and can enjoy the true gaming experience and environment.


There are 2 charging point- One on the bottom just like any phone, and another on the side. This extra charging point is used for the game. When a user wants to play games, they can use it. Asus ROG Phone also comes with  2 extra shoulder buttons and a selfie camera for the gamers to record as they play games.

Buy Asus ROG Phone and other Asus Phones


Features and Specification:-
Asus ROG Phone is powered by 2.96GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, Android v8.1 Oreo, Octacore. It has a 6 inch HD display screen, 2160*1080 px resolution. Asus ROG Phone is powered by 90Hz refresh rate with 4000mAh battery.

Asus ROG Phone comes with 12+8 rear Camera, 8 MP Front Camera AR core, Gaming HDR support and supports 8GB RAM and 128 GB/512 GB internal storage. It has a side USB-C port for charging. Front and back Gorilla and a glass-protected & Aluminium frame.

Buy Asus ROG Phone and other Asus Phones

Pros over Razer Phone:-

  • Asus ROG Phone has an ALOMED display screen, but Razer has normal LCD screen. So Picture quality is far better than Razer.
  • Asus ROG Phone screen resolution is bigger and better than Razer screen(5.70 inches). This differs in the gaming experience.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor of Asus ROG Phone is also better than Razer’s Snapdragon 835.
  • Internal storage of ROG(128/512GB) is also more than Razer(64GB). Razer limits its android version up to 7.1.1 but ROG provides android version 8.1 and it is also upgradable.
  • Some outstanding accessories like twin view dock, Extra shoulders buttons, Handsets which make user true feeling of games are also not included in Razer phone.


From the above-mentioned pros of the Asus ROG over Razer clearly stated that ROG is more updated and more advanced than Razer. ROG includes all the features of Razer along with some advanced extra new features. So this is for sure that, Razer will overtake the markets of Gaming phone very soon.

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