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With few major updates to its smartwatch platform, Apple unveiled its Watch OS5 at WWDC event on 6th June this year. The updated features gave maximum focus on fitness and health features, which will help users to stay connected and healthy as well. Hence, the world’s most popular watch with its significant implementation became an even strongest companion for communication, fitness and fast access to information. Watch OS5 was designed with a number of latest features includes auto-worked detection, activity sharing competitors, Walkie-Talkie, advanced running features, third-party apps on watch face Siri and Apple Podcasts as well.

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Watch OS5 is mainly the updated Operating system that will get installed on all new Apple Watches. This operating system will help to assist the apps on the smart device as well as perform a number of individual built-in features. To make it more customer- friendly Apple Watch OS5 was added to powerful activity and communications features. With the feature of activity sharing, this smartwatch with the latest operating system will facilitate the users to invite another user to compete and earn points as per as activity rings. Watch OS5 also enables the users to receive notification, assisting to stay engaged and win the week competition.


One of the extraordinary features of Apple Watch OS5 is its auto-workout detection. That will assist to stay alert and start with an effective workout and earn retroactive credit throughout the process. This unique feature also facilitates users to stay reminded about end workout sessions just after an inactivity period if the user needs for reminder then only. Other than this, new running and workout features are also developed to assist in the Watch OS5. Apple Watch with OS5 has the ability to replace Students ID cards. Just by raising their wrist, students can easily access to places including events, library, laundry, pay for snacks and dinners around the campus. The student ID card facility can easily be accessed by adding the cards to the wallet on Apple smartwatch.

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Apple Watch OS5 will not be made available on the original version of Apple watch. However, features are subjected to get upgraded but all features are not easily available in every region. For Apple Developer Program members, Watchkit for Watch OS5 is offered. New color options for watch sports band will also be made available to order on Apple’s official website only. In the US the sports band will charge $49 more. Siri updates in Apple Watch OS5 are really interesting as it will review the actionable content from the third-party apps, such as Glow Baby, Nike + Run Club and Mobike. Other than this there is a tone of other effective features available with watch OS5.


With the launch of Apple Watch OS5, the US-based Multinational Company is much excited to preview new communications and activity features, which will surely take this smartwatch to another extended level. Therefore, with the together release of a number of Apple-based upgraded software, our expectation from the US brand has reached to another world. Stay tuned to receive more updates for Apple Watch OS.

-By Chandrani Sarkar (Content Developer and Research Analyst @Travarsa)

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